If romantic wedding quotes are not for you, maybe the quirky one could expresses your personality better. These funny quotes about love and marriage are the perfect way to get your guests giggling. Read on and be inspired!

Mutual weirdness

Love is what makes two people sit in the middle of a bench
when there is plenty of room at both ends.

He stole her heart.
Now she’s stealing his last name.

I Love you this much:
☐ To the moon and back.
☐ More than coffee.
☐ With my whole heart.
☐ Always and forever.
✓ All of the above.

I love you to everywhere and back a million times forever.
Beat that.

Things I want:
1. You
2. (nothing else)

You are the mac to my cheese.

Like salt & pepper, we belong together.

I promise to love you, respect you, support you,
and above all else, make sure I’m not just yelling at you because I’m hungry.

Two less fish in the sea

I’m yours 100%!
All sales final!

I exist in two places,
here and wherever you are.
Margaret Atwood

We were together. I forget the rest.
Walt Whitman

How to stay together no matter what:
1. stay together.
2. no matter what.
Michael Xavier

Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.
Albert Einstein