elementary school friend

I have known Gary my whole life, he is my closest and longest friend that I have known. We grew up playing video games together, and went on our separate ways for high school and college. However with the help of technology, we manage to always keep in touch. While I was studying in Boston and him in Washington and New York, we always manage to find time to visit each other and maintain good relationship even after we both move back to Jakarta for good. Something about Gary that I admire is his hardworking mentality which inspires me to always achieve the best in life. Oh, and Gary is a great catch! If you see him at the wedding make sure to say hi!

Julius Evan Kristianto

college friend

I met Evan when I was studying in Boston. We did everything together; soccer, video games, KFC night-out, hanging out in Newbury Street and partying in Rumor. We are lot closer when we moved back to Jakarta; we would go for regular lunch at Grand Indonesia (in front of his ice cream shop), while I was working around the area. I enjoy his company and seeking advice regarding food, business ideas, and relationship stuff. I am also proud to be his best man for his wedding 3 years ago. Thank you for standing by my side when times get rough. Thank you for always making me laugh, when I didn’t even want to smile.

Martin Marpaung

high school friend

Martin who is also known as Paung, was one of my closest friends in high school. He is one of my “curhat” buddy back in the days. When I had to leave high school to study abroad, he is one of the few people that I am in touch with every time I come back to Jakarta for holiday, he has been a great friend since. Paung always has a great attitude and is so much fun to be around. He is one of the wisest people that I know, and I respect him for that. Thank you for always being there all these years, you know I will always have your back!

Saladin Soegomo

good friend

I've never in my life met someone that can make me laugh like Saladin and at the same time want to kill him a minute later. His humor is unmatched and very unusual. I met Saladin a.k.a Madin through a mutual friend in Jakarta. We have many unforgettable adventures together, those indoor soccer matches, regular Blowsifh nights-out and crazy Zouk Out adventure in SG. Weekends spent in Jakarta will never be same without him. I admire his sincerity effort to make friends with people from different background and personality. Thank you for always motivating me to become a better person every day, and for all those  philosophical and “smooth” advices in life.

Sarasin Soegomo

Good friend

I met Sarasin a.k.a Macin through mutual friend after I return for good from America. My first impression of him was that he was a very loud and outspoken, basically he speaks his mind. At the beginning, I had a hard time connecting with him because he was a direct person. As I get to know him better, I started to understand his way of thinking and treasure his honest opinion. Beneath his outspoken personality, I see him as a true friend who will always state the truth or sometimes the ugly truth that I couldn’t see. I really treasure our friendship, thank you for being a true friend and always being there when I need most. PS. ladies, if he gives you compliment that means he is telling the truth!

Dennis Widjaja

good friend

I met Dennis through a mutual friend, and may have not known him for very long but I know he will be a lifelong friend. Dennis has a unique personality, and is the funniest in the group- our group chat will never be the same without him. He is a loyal friend and has a great dedication for God. I admire Dennis strong dedication to friends, the amount of time he would dedicate for religious activities and his unconditional effort always in helping others. I know I can always depend on him! If you see him at the wedding, make sure he is holding a bottle of beer and not a cup of tea!



I have known Krizia my whole life. She is someone whom I have looked up to since I was a kid. Krizia is smart, considerate, reliable, independent and always welcoming. Without her I wouldn’t be who I am today. She is one of the reasons why I dared move back to Indonesia after living in Brisbane for 7 years. Thank you for being my support system and always reminding me to be independent. I am glad God has put us together as a family through thick and thin. You are the one whose advise I treasure most. I will always look up to you dear cousin.

Michelle Salim

Sister from another mother

How I met Michelle was one of a story - we bumped into each other three years ago at a work event, in an elevator and pretty much introduced ourselves. Since then, our lives have never been the same. Michelle is hilarious and joyful to be around. She is the sister that I never had. The supportive best friend. The amazing soul mate. Michelle will always be there through my ups and downs. She is also the one who introduced me to Ronald, and I have to thank her my whole life for that. I will always love you for who you are. Thank you for being you. My life would never be the same without you.

CASEy tjahaja


I got introduced to Casey not long after I met Michelle Salim, a couple of years ago. Casey is the "it" girl who has the whole package. She's smart, strong, independent, beautiful and has a great heart for the Lord. I am so grateful to have her in my life, because her friendship is proof that God loves me. Casey, Michelle Salim and I love doing things together. We are known as The Senayan Triplets, because we live within walking distance to each other, and usually comes as a package. I thank God every day for sending me an Angel that live so close to me, to protect me, watch over me by lending me her ears to listen to my problems, and giving me great wisdom.


College friend

I met Jane when I was studying in Brisbane. Jane is the girliest girly girl I have ever met! She is Barbie in the flesh and I enjoy being around this girl so much! Not only does she has killer looks, she also has a loving, sensitive and warm heart to match. I am so thankful for Jane and her savvy fashion sense! I have loved getting to know her through the years and learning from her. She has a great heart, and is always willing to help – I remember all those times she did our hair and lent us all her clothes on our nights out. College life would never be the same without her. Thank you Jane! You are amazing! We may be far from each other, but true friendship isn’t about being inseparable, its being separated and nothing changes.

Michelle duong

college friend

I’ve known Michelle, a.k.a Little since my college years in Brisbane also. Little is one the easiest going person I have ever met. She is an energetic girl with a great heart whom everyone loves. I miss those days where she would sleepover my house every weekend and our crazy adventures on our trip to Japan. We may not talk every day because of distance but Michelle is a true friend who I don’t need to talk to or see every day, but when we do see and talk it’s like we never went without talking. I always know I can count on her no matter what happens, because we understand that life is busy and love is always there! Thank you for always having my back!


college friend

Donna is my best friend since college. Michelle, Jane, her and I would do everything together every weekend and we are known to come in a package. Donna is special. She's a smart, fashionable engineer who's also understanding, caring and reliable. We're currently separated by 3 time zones but she has always been up to date with my life. It never feels like we're apart because we both developed a habit of sending each other images of whatever we're doing! Even though we have changed and we're both finding our own place in the world, I know that when the tears fall or the smile spreads across our face, we will come to each other because no matter where this world takes us, nothing will ever change so much to the point where we are not still friends. I am forever grateful to have this friendship with her.