Ronald is my rock. He is honest, patient, reliable, supportive, serious yet funny, God-loving, sensitive all in one big manly package. I first got introduced to Ron over dinner with a group of friends. I was being loud and acting silly around some good friends. I was sure Ronald thought I was crazy.

I saw him a lot after that day though (after being re-assured by my best friend that he has a good heart), the more I saw him the more I wanted to be around him. He makes me feel warm and special. We have been dating for a year, before he popped the question. It may seem rush, but I could not be any more excited to see what God has planned for us!!

Vierra is my one. She is loud, funny, energetic, devoted, God-loving. First time I was introduce to Vierra, was during a charity program where we visited the orphanage. I did not get to talk to her that much in that event; luckily the following week I was reintroduced again by a college friend in a restaurant, thus making my move to get to know her.

During the beginning of our acquitance, she was a relative quiet girl. However, the more I get to know her the louder she gets. I courted her for approximately 3 months, as day goes by I like her even more, thus finally decided to ask her out. I feel very happy and comfortable being with her. After we dated for a year, I finally made up my mind that Vierra is the woman that I want to spend the rest of my life with. I am happy and looking forward for many years to come with her! I understand that we will encounter many challenges and turbulence ahead, but I believe we will be unstoppable as long as we have each other.