Thought we would share a sneak peak of our pre-wedding photos taken in Singapore by Andry Sander (@ridreculous)
Wedding ceremony and reception photos will be available on our website a month after the wedding.

If you instagram please help us and hashtag

For photos memories from the past with Ronald and Vierra to be projected throughout the reception (eg. Baby photos, high school memories, uni life, life before and after they met, etc)

For memories capture at any point during the festivities


What is instaGo? It is an instagram photo print service. This means all photos that are uploaded on instagram and has hash tags #RONALDVIERRA will be printed out for free!  Go crazy! Upload and hash tags as many pictures as you wish!

Please follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Upload pictures on instagram during 4.30-6.30PM and 9-10PM on Saturday, 30th May 2015.
2. Don’t forget to hashtag #RONALDVIERRA
3. Collect your photos at the allocated instago photobooth!

Snap, hashatg & enjoy!